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Happy Father's Day - or is It?

I just got off of the telephone with Dad. I called to wish him a happy Father's Day. We sent him a card and a University of North Carolina shirt. He has prostate and pancreatic cancer, among other things. Today was not a good day for him. He sounded weak and tired. I could hear it in his voice.

He told me about the pain. He's run out of pain medicine too. It was supposed to have arrived in the mail already. Maybe it will come in on Monday. The doctor's office said they had mailed it Thursday.

Because he's gotten so weak, he has to sit down now to urinate. Sometimes he passes blood. It's extremely painful for him to go to the bathroom. Often he pees on himself because he can't control the urine, due to the pain. Yet he still feels the need to go all the time. He almost cried talking about it.

My father did not take care of himself when he was younger. And now he's paying a heavy price. Is what he is going through necessary? Perhaps it could have been avoided.

The human body is a real miracle. It always tries to produce health, unless we interfere and do something to stop the process. Only then do we degenerate into disease.

We need high-quality nutrition in order for the body to do its work. And that nutrition comes from food, in the form of fresh fruits and vegetables. The more concentrated, the better.

Happy Father's Day, Dad.