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Establishing a Regimen for Life

1. Stay away from sugar and other common food allergens that affect you. The most common food allergens are corn, wheat, dairy, soy, and sugar.

2. Keep a food journal and mark down the things that you find are sensitive.

Pinpoint your trigger foods.
Make a list of food sensitivities and put them on a 'no-no' list.

3. Eat fruit no more than once a day, and not in combination with other foods.

4. Follow the guidelines for healthy digestion. Avoid eating too much by following these rules:
  • Schedule your meals and don't snack or graze between them. Eat small meals (for example, 8 oz. of carrot juice or one or two apples) at least two hours apart.
  • Eat in a mealtime setting only
  • Prepare your meal, then sit down to enjoy it.
  • Put on your plate what you plan to eat and don't add anything.
  • Weigh your plate. Find the amount of food that makes you feel best and consistently put that amount on your plate.

5. Exercise a minimum of 30 minutes each day - working up to an hour ideally. It is essential for a healthy digestive system.