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Enemy Foods and Substances

The following foods are dangerous to your health:

  • White Sugar - Can damage pancreas, liver, brain and other organs 
  • Refined Grains - Are stripped of vitamin E and other essential nutrients 
  • Junk Meats - Contain drugs, the majority being hormones 
  • Junk Dairy - Have up to 750 million pus cells per every liter of milk 
  • White Table Salt - Stimulates appetite, contributes to organ malfunctions 
  • Caffeine - Linked to 6 different cancers, accelerates bone loss of the spine 
  • Artificial Sweeteners - Known to have 72 side effects 
  • Soft Drinks - Is known to cause osteoporosis 
  • Harmful Fats - Hydrogenated fats: just one step away from plastic 
  • Recreational and Prescription Drugs - Many harmful side effects

Over the next few weeks, work to eliminate these foods from your diet.