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Do Flies Cause Garbage?

by Dr. Joel Robbins

Louis Pasteur, the eminent French chemist who invented "pasteurization", the process of heating milk and foods in order to kill bacteria, was convinced that 'germs cause disease'. 

In his early experiments with bacteria, he attempted to grow bacterial cultures on fresh fruit, without success. However, he did succeed in getting bacteria to grow in rotting soup.

A contemporary of Mr. Pasteur was a man named Antoine Beauchamps. Antoine questioned the Pasteur theory that germs cause disease, observing that flies do not cause garbage. Rather, that garbage attracts the flies. Further, that if you kill the flies, the flies will return as long as the garbage remains. So it is with the human body.

Two conditions must be true for an infection to take place in the body:

1) The body must be weakened by something other than the bacteria.

This is obvious in that bacteria like streptococcus, tuberculosis, pneumonia, are present all around us and throughout our bodies, and yet we are not always sick.

2) There must be "food" for the bacteria to feed on in the body.

Healthy cell tissue, like the fresh fruit in Louis Pasteur's experiment, offers the bacteria nothing to feed on. All bacteria are scavengers. Like flies, bacteria eat ONLY dead, toxic, rotting or decayed tissue. Viruses, bacteria, and fungi attack the body only after the body has become weakened by accumulated "garbage".

For example, colds and fevers are not caused by germs. These are symptoms of the body's effort to cleanse toxins from the body. Bacteria feed on bodies which are already weakened by too many toxins or malnutrition which cause the body to decay.

The prevention and cure of "disease" is not just to "kill the flies" - we must clean up and get rid of the garbage in our bodies which bacteria feed on. When the body is cleaned up, our own natural defense against disease and bacteria (the Immune System) will be strong enough to defend our body from illness.

(At the time of Louis Pasteur's death, he admitted he had been wrong about his "germ theory" of disease.)

(Dr. Joel Robbins lecture on Adults, Children & Live Food Nutrition)