"Finding Nutrition That Works"

Living Well Magazine 
 Main Feature, June 2014

"Finding Nutrition That Works"

History often repeats itself when it comes to family generations. AIM Member Paul Eilers of Conway, Arkansas experienced this when both his grandfather and father died of cancer.

Paul recognized unhealthy lifestyle choices made while growing up, so he made a mental note to himself to not make the same mistakes when he had children of his own.

As a sports enthusiast throughout his high school and college years, Paul believed that what you put into your body has an enormous effect on your health.

"Too many people rely totally on doctors, so they don't take responsibility for their own health," Paul surmised, deciding to be his primary health care practitioner, even though he believes in doctors.

Paul came across AIM in 1999 when he was introduced to BarleyLife® by his friend, Janice Gravely. For fifteen years now, he and his wife, Laura, have been Members of the company that provides 'Nutrition That Works'.

Their health has benefited from nutritional supplements such as BarleyLife® and BarleyLife® Xtra. As a result, their seven-year-old son, Brady, has enjoyed better health too since his entrance into the world.

Seven years into their marriage, Paul and Laura discovered they were pregnant. Laura immediately upped her intake of BarleyLife® capsules, taking up to twenty-one veggie capsules daily in three servings.

When Brady was born, he would never breast feed. Adding BarleyLife® Xtra to a baby bottle full of pumped breast milk, Paul and Laura gave their child supplemental nutrition that has helped to keep Brady a healthy young boy.

Having had AIM nutrition while still in the womb and since infancy, Brady still loves drinking his BarleyLife® Xtra every day. He also insists on going to bed with a sippy cup of it, mixed with mostly water and some apple and white grape juice. It's his security blanket.

This habit is a nutritional blessing, since Brady is a picky eater, just as his father was as a child. This led Paul to name his AIM website HealthyPickyEater.com.

"I market a product for parents who have kids that don't eat enough fruits and vegetables every day. BarleyLife Xtra helps by giving them real food and real nutrition. Everybody's taught they should eat five to nine fruits and vegetables every day. I say here's BarleyLife Xtra with eighteen fruits and veggies and more, at about 50 cents a serving."

As a picky eater, Brady doesn't always eat enough, but thanks to BarleyLife Xtra, his weight is normal for a boy his age. Besides, their doctor had once told them he had never seen a child like Brady starve himself to death.

"We did not have to take him to the doctor this past winter. No medicine. No missing school," Paul explained. "Brady almost never gets sick."

Paul knows many parents believe it's normal for their children to get sick during the winter, having to regularly see doctors. These same parents often think nutrition doesn't matter, that fast food is fine.

He keeps in mind that different things work for different people. So Paul doesn't try to convince or persuade people with different beliefs, even though he has found what works for him and his family. This leaves the door open for them to contact him when health problems do arise.

Because Brady started taking BarleyLife Xtra from the time he was born, there was no resistance as he got older. It's a healthy lesson that Paul shares with parents willing to listen for the benefit of their own children.

Paul sets a good fatherly example by regularly taking AIM nutrition that includes Herbal Fiberblend®, Peak Endurance™, Composure® and of course, BarleyLife® Xtra - just to name a few.

He kept his word to not make the same nutritional mistakes he witnessed when growing up. It's a simple step any dad can take to prevent or change an unhealthy family history.

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