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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you have a list of all the ingredients in BarleyLife Xtra?
  • Juice powder of young barley plants
  • oligodextrin
  • apple juice solids
  • acerola cherry
  • stevia
  • fructooligosaccaride (chicory)
  • natural cream flavor
  • cherry
  • malic acid
  • guar gum
  • natural apple flavor
  • brown rice
  • broccoli
  • carrot
  • natural cherry flavor
  • cranberry
  • grape
  • lemon
  • lime
  • orange
  • pineapple
  • raspberry
  • strawberry
  • tomato
  • kale
  • kelp

Q: What’s the best way to take BarleyLife Xtra? It is best absorbed when taken on an empty stomach. Also, do not take BarleyLife Xtra with acidic juices like orange juice, nor with soft drinks or coffee, as these tend to destroy the nutrients and prevent absorption.

When giving BarleyLife Xtra to our young son, we mix it with apple and white grape juice in a blender bottle, along with purified water.

When I take BarleyLife Xtra, I use a spoon and swallow it with water.

You can also mix it in a glass of water or a mixer bottle and drink it as a juice.

Update: Our son, Brady, is now fourteen years old and no longer uses juice to take BarleyLife Xtra. He puts the green powder on a spoon, swishes it around in his mouth with water and swallows it.

He also likes to mix BarleyLife Xtra with Peak Endurance in a mixer bottle and drink it before basketball practices and games.

Q: What age groups can take BarleyLife Xtra? BarleyLife Xtra is good for everyone, from babies to teens to adults. Babies as young as two days old have been started on BarleyLife Xtra (by dropper or tiny amount dry in their mouth). 

When he was only a few days old,  we added a small amount of BarleyLife to our son's bottled breast milk.

Q: How long have you been taking BarleyLife Xtra? I've been using BarleyLife and BarleyLife Xtra for over twenty years.

It all started when I saw what happened to my friend, Janice Gravely, who turned her health around by changing her diet and using BarleyLife as well as other AIM supplements.

Then my wife started taking BarleyLife after we were married. About a year later, she was surprised when she no longer needed to wear glasses.

Laura also took BarleyLife during her pregnancy with our son, Brady. So he has been taking it since before he was born. It’s been over fourteen years now and Brady is one healthy critter!

Q: Is there any scientific proof that BarleyLife Xtra works? Research shows almost every single vitamin and mineral of value to human nutrition is in BarleyLife Xtra. Following are five quick examples:
  • A study at John Hopkins Medical University found beta-carotene (Vitamin A) helps prevent cancer. These researchers say people who often eat green leafy vegetables have a much lower chance of getting cancer. Deep green, leafy vegetables are high in beta-carotene. BarleyLife Xtra is extremely high in beta-carotene. It has 2½ times the beta carotene found in the same weight of raw carrots and twenty-five times that found in an equal weight of raw broccoli. 
  • Another study found there are over a thousand different live enzymes in BarleyLife Xtra. One of those enzymes is super oxide dismutase (SOD). The aging process has been directly linked to decreasing amounts of the SOD enzyme in the body. They've also discovered by increasing the amount of SOD in your system, the body repairs itself more quickly, has less inflammation and acts as a preventive of cancer. 
  • Another enzyme found in BarleyLife Xtra is P4D1. In laboratory tests, the P4D1 enzyme has been shown to eat the protein sheath off of cancer cells, allowing white blood cells to attack. One factor of whether or not a person develops clinical cancer depends on the ability of their immune system to destroy cancer cells. 
  • Yet another study by Cambridge researchers showed the likelihood of children developing asthma is significantly reduced by a diet high in antioxidants (cancer fighters). BarleyLife Xtra is loaded with antioxidants. 
  • Finally, Indiana University School of Medicine at Ball State University conducted a study using thirty-two students. They wanted to determine whether or not the barley grass plant could strengthen the immune system. After seventy-one days, blood was drawn from each participant. It showed the immune system was statistically strengthened in the students and their immune systems had become stronger than at the beginning of the study.

Q: Why is BarleyLife Xtra green? It's green because it has a lot of chlorophyll, a super-nutrient that:
  • Helps reduce body odor
  • Cleanses your blood
  • Detoxes your liver
  • Cuts excess cholesterol, triglycerides and other blood lipids (fats)
  • Has antioxidant (cancer fighters) properties
  • Removes toxins from your body
  • Helps with digestion
  • Has wound-healing properties
  • Strengthens your immune system
  • Fights disease and more
The chemical structure of chlorophyll (healer of sick cells) closely matches the hemoglobin in human blood.

By taking BarleyLife Xtra, your blood will carry much more oxygen.
Increased oxygen is beneficial for healthy red blood cells, breathing conditions, brain fogginess and more.

Q: How much vitamin C is in BarleyLife Xtra? It delivers 34 percent of the daily requirement for vitamin C per serving.
Vitamin C is a critical nutrient for holding your muscles, bones and tissues together, protects against bruising and helps your body absorb iron and folate. It also keeps your gums healthy, promotes the healing of cuts, scrapes and wounds, protects against infection as well as cell-damaging free radicals.
The acerola cherry in BarleyLife® Xtra is one of the highest available sources of natural vitamin C.

Q: Do you offer free samples of BarleyLife Xtra? No.

Q: Who needs BarleyLife Xtra? According to Prescription for Nutritional Healing, here is a short list of those who should consider taking BarleyLife Xtra: 
  • Adolescents 
  • Alcohol drinkers 
  • Athletes 
  • Dieters 
  • Drug users, prescription or recreational 
  • Elderly people 
  • Health fanatics 
  • Junk food eaters 
  • Overweight people 
  • People who supplement with specific, single nutrients 
  • People who eat mostly cooked food 
  • People who have trouble sleeping at night 
  • Sick people 
  • Smokers 
  • Stressed out people 
  • Women who are pregnant, nursing, or taking oral contraceptives 
  • Workaholics

BarleyLife Xtra is an excellent way for you to reap the benefits of a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. 

It only takes a few minutes a day to give your body the nutrition it needs, but the benefits last a lifetime.

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