Paul, Laura and Brady Eilers
Emerald Isle, North Carolina

I show people how to own their life, which means time, money, and health.

I teach them how to do this without nagging friends or chasing family. 

No convincing. No persuading. No arguing. No begging. No pretending to be a friend. No impressing people. No manipulation. No hype.

It's about finding the right ones. (It's like sorting through a deck of cards, looking for the aces.)

What I do is not for everyone. I'm only looking to work with a few key people.

Does this sound like you?

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P.S. I was born with a profound hearing loss and wear two hearing aids.

I'm an introvert who would rather stick my nose in a book, than talk to people.

I'm a Christian and have a biblical worldview. When it comes to economics, I'm influenced by Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell.

I'm interested in sports, health, nutrition, marketing, politics, theology, economics, and sports. (grin)

I currently live in Conway, Arkansas with my wife and son.

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