RediBeets for a Healthy Liver

One of the unique nutrients in RediBeets is betaine, a key liver nu­trient found in vegetables like spinach and beets.

The American Jour­nal of Clinical Nutrition pub­lished a 2004 article on betaine reporting the following:
  • Studies show be­taine improves liver function by preventing or reducing accumulation of fat in the liver.
  • This important nutrient is absorbed rapidly and helps to maintain liver health.
  • A 2016 study showed that "betaine can halt and even reverse progression of the disruption of liver function."
RediBeets is an excellent choice for liver health. To learn more about this nutritious red powder, Click Here.

P.S. RediBeets is a natural beet juice powder made from red beet root.

It's a convenient and cost-effective alternative to juicing fresh beets.

To find out more, Click Here.