How Strong Are Your Bones?

The formulation of CalciAIM was carefully thought out, so that it included three kinds of calcium compounds - carbonate, lactate and gluconate.

The formula also delivers vitamin D, magnesium and zinc, nutrients that help your body effectively absorb this mineral, which is essential for building and maintaining strong, healthy bones and keeping your heart, muscles and nerves functioning properly.

And CalciAIM comes in powder form, because calcium is difficult to fully absorb in tablets, caplets or chewables. The powder mixes into beverages that contain a 98 percent absorbable form of ionic calcium.

One CalciAIM serving provides 386 mg of calcium, a healthy amount given that you do not want to take too much at one time.

The daily calcium RDA for men from ages 19 to 70 is 1,000 mg, which is the same RDA amount for women from ages 19 to 50.

Given factors that include female bone structure and hormonal fluctuations, women are more likely to get osteoporosis than men. Those over the age of 51 should have a daily intake of 1,200 mg of calcium.

Daily upper limits range from 2,000 to 2,500 mg, depending on age and gender.

CalciAIM provides a natural citrus-flavored calcium supplement that makes it convenient to maintain a healthy intake of calcium.

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