"In July 2017, tests showed Cameron was free of cancer."

Back in February 2017, Madeline Lagarde had placed a sizeable phone order for BarleyLife. She then told the customer service representative her good news.

She and her husband, Dennis, were selling the "heck" out of BarleyLife at the Whole Health Market they own and operate in Ponchatoula, Louisiana.

The reason?

Their son Dennis Jr., who is a registered nurse, had been telling people about his son, Cameron, and his health success from taking BarleyLife.

In September of 2015, Cameron thought he had pulled a muscle in his lower chest area.

His father thought it could be costochondritis - inflammation of the rib-cage cartilage - because the pain would come and go.

About a year later, at the age of fourteen, Cameron was diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma, a rare form of cancer. It had formed a baseball-sized tumor that was attached to his rib cage.

Because of its size and location, surgery was not an option.

Dennis explained, "Cameron underwent chemotherapy. There is a high probability of curing this type of cancer."

"But we wanted to do everything nutritionally possible for him. So he started taking BarleyLife as foundational nutrition to counteract the treatment’s major side effects: brain swelling, sterility and cardiomyopathy."

During the initial bouts of chemo, Cameron would not eat or drink anything except for the BarleyLife.

The third week came with the emotional effects of hearing the tragic news his niece had drowned.

At the same time, he was physically doing so well, his immune system was so strong, his mother started to refer to the cancer as a non-event.

Dennis added, "I've seen that with BarleyLife before, back in 2000, when it helped my grandfather battle leukemia. It stimulates red and white blood cell production."

At the twelve-week mark of the treatment for Cameron, an MRI revealed the tumor had shrunk from the size of a baseball to that of a golfball.

Surgery was scheduled for December 2016.

At operation time, only a small, round film that resembled a soap bubble was found and removed. The pathologist and oncologist argued about who would deliver the good news, because they never had results as good as this.

Cameron has not missed a serving of BarleyLife (seven capsules every morning and evening) since the first week of September 2016.

In July 2017, tests showed Cameron was free of cancer. 

As a fitting present to go along with the gift of health, Cameron and Dennis visited Disney World courtesy of Make-A-Wish.

Dennis plans on building a website that teaches people to manage chemotherapy with foundational products like BarleyLife.

"It’s simple," Dennis stated. "If you put regular fuel in a Ford Mustang, it runs okay. But give it racing fuel and it runs optimally. BarleyLife gives you racing fuel."

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