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The Facts About BarleyLife®

Gram-for-gram, BarleyLife® is far more nutritious than any other plant on earth. Each four gram (one rounded teaspoon) serving provides approximately:
  • 11 times the calcium in 4 grams of broccoli 
  • 8 times the potassium in 4 grams of potatoes 
  • 7 times the iron in 4 grams of spinach 
  • 3 times the vitamin A in 4 grams of kale 
  • 18 amino acids and 25% protein content 15 calories 
  • Antioxidants (cancer fighters) to battle dangerous free radicals 
  • Enzymes such as anti-aging superoxide dismutase (SOD) 
  • Chlorophyll (healer of sick cells), a potent cleanser and detoxifier 
  • Phytochemicals (plant medicines) that help prevent cancer, diabetes and heart disease 
  • More bioavailable nutrients than you would get if you ate vegetables all day (because it's real food)

For The Perfect Green Drink

  • Mix BarleyLife® or BarleyLife® Xtra powder with cool water, vegetable juice or fruit juice (except cranberry or prune juice) or add it to a smoothie 
  • Get the most out of BarleyLife® or BarleyLife Xtra® by taking it on an empty stomach 
  • Can't swallow a glass of grass? Then take BarleyLife® in veggie capsules

BarleyLife® is a nutrient-dense, green powder made from young barley grass. For over thirty years, researchers have found young barley grass to be one of the most nutritious plants on earth. Why not see how BarleyLife® works for you and your family?

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