The Enzymes and Antioxidants in BarleyLife

There are over a thousand different kinds of live enzymes in BarleyLife.

Technically, enzymes are not considered as part of nutrition. A good analogy would be building a house. Even with all of the right materials, if you do not have a carpenter, you will never get the house built.

Enzymes are like the carpenter that builds the house. They help vitamins do their job. Unless they're piggybacked on a live enzyme, vitamins cannot pass through the cell wall of cells.

You are born with a large bank account of enzymes. However, studies show as you grow older, you use up these enzymes and eventually begin to bankrupt your enzyme account.

When you're out of enzymes, you're out of life. Eating a diet of cooked and processed foods helps to deplete the enzyme account of your body.

One enzyme that has been studied is super oxide dismutase (SOD).

Scientists have directly linked the aging process to decreasing amounts of the super oxide dismutase enzyme in the body.

They have also found by increasing the amount of super oxide dismutase, your body will repair itself more quickly.

Super oxide dismutase also acts as an anti-inflammatory enzyme as well as a cancer preventive enzyme. BarleyLife® is rich in SOD, one of the best available sources.

Another enzyme that BarleyLife® contains is P4D1.

This enzyme is the first known substance to actually stimulate the repair of DNA molecules, which makes up your genetic structure.

In one case, an individual who had multiple sclerosis (MS) had been taking BarleyLife for two years, with no visible results.

But then overnight, her multiple sclerosis disappeared.

Several medical professionals were asked why it happened this way. They concluded the diseased cells had to run their normal cycle. When it came time to reproduce, the P4D1 had repaired the DNA in the damaged cells.

This caused the diseased cells to produce healthy cells.

In laboratory tests, the P4D1 enzyme has also been shown to eat the protein sheath off of cancer cells, allowing the white blood cells to attack.

Whether a person develops clinical cancer or not depends upon the ability of the immune system to destroy cancer cells.

Proper nutrition goes a long way towards developing and maintaining a strong and healthy immune system, to fight sickness and disease.

So remember, vitamins cannot pass through the cell wall of cells unless they have help from enzymes.

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Note: BarleyLife® is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Results may vary per person.