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"Within three days, all the swelling in my leg was gone."

"Anna Ireland gave me a small sample of magnesium spray because my hip was in tremendous pain.

I sprayed it on my hip that night and the next morning. I was waiting for the pain to return all day, but it didn't until the evening. Within three days, all the swelling in my leg (the one I had knee replacement done on) was also gone.

I had not been able to sit down or get into a bathtub for over a year and now can do both after a very short time of using Mag-nificence products.

I am overjoyed!" - Mary Wollman, Dundurn Hutterite Colony

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P.S. The best way to get magnesium into your cells is through your skin. Mag-nificence™ is a quick and easy way for you to get the magnesium you need for good health.

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