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BarleyLife® for a Way to Prevent Wrinkles

A study from the Netherlands found vitamin K plays a role in maintaining skin elasticity.

It may also help the skin from aging and developing wrinkles.

Ninety percent tested deficient of this critical nutrient.

A high level of vitamin K can be found in BarleyLife® and BarleyLife® Xtra.

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P.S. Are wrinkles an unavoidable fact of aging? Or are they an indication of a serious health issue?

Researchers of the Endocrine Society noted that women in their forties and fifties who have a lot of skin wrinkles are more likely to have low bone mass.

In every single bone test, including hip, heel, and spine, they found a relationship between wrinkles and bone density.

Vitamin K not only helps you to have healthy skin, it also is necessary for strong, healthy bones.

The good news is supplementing with BarleyLife® and BarleyLife® Xtra can help make sure you are getting enough vitamin K every day.

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