Beet Juice for Good Health

By now, many people are aware of the athletic benefits of beet juice.

We all know RediBeets provides a boost of much-needed stamina to competitive athletes and helps them recover quickly from their grueling workouts.

However, the athletic benefits are just the beginning.

Did you know there have been over sixteen studies showing beet juice can lower blood pressure?

The most recent one found the blood pressure benefits of daily beet juice consumption lasted for two weeks after the subjects stopped drinking the juice.

Our veins can become damaged by a sedentary lifestyle, the aging process and by poor dietary choices.

This damage disrupts the body’s ability to create nitric oxide.

In fact, the inability to produce sufficient amounts of nitric oxide is the main feature of endothelial dysfunction (inner lining of blood vessels not functioning normally).

RediBeets provides the body with 500 mg of dietary nitrate, the building blocks of nitric oxide.

(To put that amount in perspective, the average American gets 60-120 mg of dietary nitrate a day.)

Someone on the Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension Diet consumes 500-660 mg. One tiny shot of RediBeets provides you with your daily dose of therapeutic dietary nitrate.

RediBeets may also provide these other benefits:

Lowers Blood Pressure
In a recent study, participants who drank beet juice saw an 8/4 mmHg reduction in blood pressure, a 20 percent improvement in blood vessel dilation and a 10 percent reduction in arterial stiffness.

Improves Cognitive Functioning
Improved cranial blood flow has been linked to enhanced cognitive functioning and quicker reaction times. Drinking beet juice to improve blood flow to the brain is also being researched as a way to mitigate the symptoms of dementia and Alzheimer’s

Assists with Basic Mobility
One study found that beet juice consumption made walking twelve percent easier, and recently, scientists at Kansas State University have been giving beet juice to heart failure patients in order to help get them mobile again, a critical factor of their recoveries.

Nitric oxide facilitates sleep, and due to improved blood flow, it may assist the brain in achieving essential rapid eye movement (REM) sleep.

Warmer, Healthier Skin
Healthy circulation improves skin quality and keeps the extremities nice and warm.

Nutrient Delivery
When the circulatory system is working well, the body can repair itself faster by moving white blood cells, nutrients, medicine and platelets to the affected areas.

Sexual Health
Nearly 90 percent of erectile dysfunction can be linked to poor circulation. There is some evidence that a percentage of female sexual dysfunction is related to improper blood flow.

Jet Lag
When the cabin pressure lowers, so does the oxygen in your blood. Beet juice has been shown to improve oxygen utilization, allowing people to get more use out of less oxygen.

Weight Loss
Nitric oxide may help improve metabolic rates, and a surprising study found that dietary nitrate could help change white fat into the easier-to-burn brown fat.

Having sufficient amounts of nitric oxide can really energize the body. Additionally, one of the biggest symptoms of poor circulation is fatigue. RediBeets can provide natural energy.

What People Are Saying

“I’ve been using RediBeets and Peak Endurance since December 2013 and have been very happy with the results. When I would normally feel tired after a race or a hard workout, RediBeets and Peak Endurance energizes me. If I have a long day ahead or a big race, I take RediBeets and Peak Endurance to get an endurance boost that’s effective for hours.” - J.R. Celski, speed skater and three-time Olympic medalist