Is BarleyLife Suitable For Gluten Intolerant Individuals?

Question: Is there gluten in BarleyLife? Is it suitable for gluten intolerant individuals?

Answer: "Every production of BarleyLife is tested for the presences of gluten and more than 80 percent are tested gluten free. The remaining 20 percent can test between 5 ppm and 80 ppm. A product with a gluten free claim can contain up to 20 ppm of gluten.

We do harvest the barley plant prior to the emergence of the grain head. However, depending the on the height of the grain head within the grass, it is possible to harvest some grain head within the grass. We process millions of pounds of grass every year and it is nearly impossible to not harvest that many plants without some gluten.

Many AIM Members with gluten allergies consume BarleyLife with no issues. I suggest if you try BarleyLife, place a small amount of powder on your tongue to determine if it will cause you any issues.” – Phillip Jermann, Biologist at The AIM Companies

Note: AIM Members with celiac, sprue and gluten intolerance have used BarleyLife® and BarleyLife® Xtra with no negative effects. However, as a consumer, it is ultimately your decision to use these nutritional products.