Healthy Heart Story Inspires 7 Year-Old Boy


"My husband and our children mix BarleyLife with water and drink it each morning before we eat breakfast.

Recently, seven year-old Joseph and I were looking at the February issue of Living Well magazine and reading about "heart healthy" Fred and Marlene Hampshire.

I pointed out to Joseph that he drinks BarleyLife, just like Mr. Hampshire. We talked about the importance of having a healthy heart and a healthy body.

Joseph, with a sparkle in his eyes, exclaimed, "Mommy! Can you take a picture of me and tell 'em I drink my Barleylife every day? I might be world famous in the newspapers one day, too - like Mr. Fred Hampshire!"

I was so blessed with Joseph’s enthusiasm and joy. It's encouraging he sees and reads about people who inspire him to make healthy choices.

I am asking God to teach him while he is young and I am praying he and his sisters will make healthy choices and live long, healthy lives. Thanks for all you do to help people live well." - Rebecca Henderson, Waterloo, South Carolina

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