The 7 Micronutrients People Are Not Getting Enough of in Their Diet

In an interview with Nutraingredients, Dr. Balz Frei from the Linus Pauling Institute stated he is concerned because people are not getting enough micronutrients in their diet.

He also said a healthy diet is the first step toward correcting these deficiencies, while supplements are the next step.

According to Dr. Frei, what are the eight biggest nutritional deficiencies? The following is his list, as well as the AIM supplements that contain the nutrients (and the Recommended Dietary Allowance).

1. Deficiency: Vitamin A

AIM Product - Just Carrots (420 percent)

2. Deficiency: Vitamin C

AIM Product - Peak Endurance (72 percent)

3. Deficiency: Vitamin K

AIM Product - BarleyLife (100 percent)

4. Deficiency: Vitamin E

AIM Product - CoCoa LeafGreens (2 percent)

5. Deficiency: Calcium

AIM Product - CalciAIM (38 percent)

6. Deficiency: Potassium

AIM Product - RediBeets (20 percent)

7. Deficiency: Magnesium

AIM Product - Cell Wellness Restorer;(Topical)

Many people have deficiencies of micronutrients, but no real symptoms. Deficiencies can affect your mental sharpness, your ability to cope with stress, and the ability of your body to resist disease as well as recover from surgery.

If you have a nutritional deficiency or a health concern, AIM has the product for you.