Estrogen, Fiber and Your Health

At fifteen grams of fiber per day, the average American diet is low in fiber. This can result in high blood estrogen levels. If you have high levels of estrogen, it increases your risk of breast cancer.

However, a high-fiber diet significantly lowers estrogen in the blood stream.

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P.S. When you have excess estrogen, it can be excreted into the bowel. If you are constipated, the estrogen in your bowel may be reabsorbed into your body.

Studies over the past twenty years have shown women on high fiber diets have lower levels of circulating estrogen. Lower levels of estrogen means less estrogen stimulation of breast tissue, which reduces the risk of breast cancer.

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Note: According to WebMD, you are considered constipated of you have two or more of the following for at least three months:
  • Straining during a bowel movement more than twenty-five percent of the time. 
  • Hard stools more than twenty-five percent of the time. 
  • Incomplete evacuation more than twenty-five percent of the time. 
  • Two or fewer bowel movements 
Do any of these symptoms sound like you?