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How To Increase Your Energy For Workouts

The latest information on Peak ATP, which is in Peak Endurance®, can be seen in this video. Be sure to see the references to muscle excitability, anabolic signaling for growth and repair, as well as increased power output.

If you thought Red Rush™ improves energy for workouts, wait until you add Peak Endurance®.

Click Here and watch this video, "PEAK ATP® - The Muscle Excitability Generator™" to learn more about the workout nutrition in Peak Endurance® as well as Red Rush™.

By the way, Red Rush™ is an all-natural, vegetable-based performance shot that does not contain artificial stimulants. The ingredients are water, beets, cherry, citric acid and lemon.

Red Rush™ was developed for Olympic speed-skater J. R. Celski, after he told biologists at The AIM Companies™ his secret weapon to peak performance was beet juice.

To learn more about Peak Endurance®, Click Here.

P.S. Peak Endurance® delivers ATP, electrolytes and B vitamins, in one single gram serving. ATP is the primary source of energy for every function in the cells of your body. Also, B vitamins are important for metabolism. So drink ATP and refuel those depleted cells.

You need adenosine triphosphate (ATP) for energy. It's the main source of energy for every cell in your body. When you have low levels of ATP, you’ll have low levels of energy and be susceptible to illness, disease and aging.

To find out more about Peak Endurance®, Click Here.