More on Gluten and BarleyLife

"The gluten is in the barley grain and not the grass. However, the grain begins its development at ground level and migrates to the top of the barley stem as the grass ages. Although we harvest our grass at a young age, we cannot ensure we've excluded the embryonic plant grain.

We now test all BarleyLife for gluten and about 80 percent of it is gluten-free and 20 percent of our contains 20 - 80 PPM of hordein gluten. This equates to 80 to 320 mcg of gluten per 4 gram serving of the 20 percent of BarleyLife that tests gluten positive. A few isolated studies have concluded that levels of 10,000 mcg of gliadin (wheat gluten) per day will be tolerated by most patients with celiac disease.

To put this quantity into perspective, a slice of wheat bread contains 4,800,000 mcg of gluten. In other words, it is likely the gluten in BarleyLife is below the reaction threshold for most celiacs, whereas a slice of wheat bread is far above it." - AIM Quality Assurance

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P.S. Here is what one woman had to say about BarleyLife and gluten:

An Idaho woman, Sherry, experienced the harsh side effects of gluten for ten years before discovering the root cause. Her many trips to the doctor over the years had yielded the same answer, "We don't know what's wrong with you."

"I didn't know what gluten was six months ago," Sherry said, "but my daughter brought me this book, The Gluten Connection by Shari Lieberman, and it just fit all my symptoms like acid reflux, heart palpitations, and sluggishness. So I went gluten-free!"

She also removed sugar from her diet and began supplementing with products from The AIM Companies.

"It was suggested I take BarleyLife Xtra for the easily absorbed vitamins, like A, B, and K," said Sherry, who mixes her BarleyLife with CalciAIM. 

"When you have gluten intolerance, your intestines cannot absorb these fat soluble vitamins.

"After only one month, I noticed that I wasn't tired all the time. My heart stopped skipping beats, and I didn't have acid reflux. As for my arthritis, my fingers are not swollen anymore, and I have no joint pain."

With a relatively easy transition to a gluten-free diet, Sherry is excited to share her positive results with others.

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This testimonial cannot be construed as representing results everybody can achieve. BarleyLife® and other AIM products are not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Results may vary per person.