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Martin Benning, Mountain Climbing and Red Rush™

Martin Benning is an AIM-sponsored athlete and on a mission to climb the highest mountain on each continent. So far he has climbed five out of the Seven Summits, with only Mount Everest in Asia and Mount Vinson in Antarctica to go.

He most recently climbed Chair Peak in Washington State. Next Benning will participate in the Push, Pedal, Paddle relay race in Bend, Oregon. To prepare for this event, Benning will have a workout routine - with the help of Red Rush™.

This is how it's going so far.

"Got my Red Rush the other day. I ran 2' 26" faster than normal. Felt awesome. You guys rock!" - Martin Benning, Sammamish, Washington

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P.S. Red Rush™ is an all-natural, vegetable-based performance shot. There are only five ingredients - water, beets, cherry, citric acid and lemon. The cherry gives it a delicious taste. The lemon and citric acid helps with the pH balance of Red Rush™ and adds flavor. Water makes the syrupy beet pulp easier to drink.

Red Rush™ is not an energy drink and contains no artificial stimulants like caffeine or ephedra. Consequently, you will not crash. It boosts circulation, with the extra oxygen providing more endurance naturally over time.

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Note: Martin is a three-time cancer survivor who works to raise cancer awareness and money for research through his 7 Summits Cancer Climb organization.