How To Train with Beet Juice

If you’re training with beet juice for an athletic event or competition, there are three things to keep in mind:

1. Drink Two or Three Hours Before Competition

It takes about two to three hours for the vegetable nitrates to convert into nitric oxide. You'e not going to see instant results.

2. Drink Beet Juice Every Day

Most people are deficient of nitric oxide. This deficiency is caused by the aging process, poor oral health and stress. RediBeets, along with Peak Endurance, infuses your body with nitrates. However, it wears off in about twelve hours. Also, drinking beet juice a single time before a race or competition is not going to help you but so much.

You have to work at maintaining healthy nitric oxide levels every day. Eating leafy greens like spinach or arugula can help do that if you want to save your super-nitrate-charged RediBeets for competition and training days. If you want to know your nitric oxide levels, test them with Berkeley Test Strips.

3. Maintain Proper Oral Health

You need the good bacteria in your mouth to create nitric oxide. You have to stay away from antacids, mouthwashes that contain alcohol and some types of gum. Otherwise, the necessary oral bacteria won't be there to create nitric oxide, when your vegetable nitrates finally show up.

P.S. Drinking beet juice before activity and competition improves the athletic abilities of the beet drinker. It's the nitrates in beet juice that do it and RediBeets has the optimum 500 mg of beet nitrates.

The nitrates go into the stomach and are concentrated, winding back to the mouth through the salivary glands. They then mingle with the good bacteria there and are turned into nitric oxide.

Nitric oxide is a signaling agent. The signals tell your blood vessels to open wide, increasing circulation and allowing more air to flow to muscles. More air in your muscles means a reduction in lactic acid build up, less soreness and more stamina.