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BarleyLife® Xtra Sweetened with Stevia

Instead of Lo Han, BarleyLife® Xtra is now sweetened with stevia. In addition, The AIM Companies™ has removed all maltodextrin from the formula and instead uses oligodextrin.

Brown rice oligodextrin offers the functional properties of maltodextrin, with the benefits of native proteins and nutrients from brown rice.

Oligodextrin added to the barley juice acts as a buffer between the enzymes and other molecules, stabilizing and maintaining the nutrients. The juice is spray-dried, using a special, low-temperature process. This preserves the delicate balance of vitamins, minerals, and other phytonutrients.

The AIM Companies™ uses only non-GMO, medium grain brown rice grown in the USA.

To learn more about BarleyLife® Xtra, Click Here.

P.S. BarleyLife® Xtra is for parents who have kids that don't eat enough fruits and vegetables every day.

This nutritious green powder allows your kids to eat eighteen fruits and vegetables a day - without taking a single bite. They also get the power of young barley grass, one of the most nutritious plants on earth.

Click Here to find out more about BarleyLife® Xtra.