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National Nutrition Month is March

March is National Nutrition Month, reminding us that our food choices play a central role in living well.

Giving your body the nutrients it needs for wellness is the foundation at At The AIM Companies™, which began thirty-two years ago with the juice powder of young barley plants.

Today BarleyLife® continues to provide an abundance of nutrients that supports optimal health.
  • Natural vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll (healer of sick cells), antioxidants (cancer fighters), phytochemicals (plant medicines) and enzymes 
  • Natural proportions of nutrients without synthetic or genetic modification The nutrition in BarleyLife® comes from nature, not man-made in a laboratory. The nutrients are natural - not artificial. Your natural body responds positively to natural nourishment.
AIM BarleyLife®:
  • Boosts your energy 
  • Provides anti-inflammatory benefits 
  • Delivers powerful antioxidants, including superoxide dismutase 
  • Balances your body pH 
  • Supports a healthy cardiovascular and immune system 
  • Helps to maintain whole-body health 
Taking BarleyLife® every day goes beyond the proverb, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." It is one of the best sources of nutrition you can give your body.

Why not see how BarleyLife® works for you and your family?

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P.S. BarleyLife® is a nutrient-dense, green powder made from young barley grass. Over a period of thirty-two years, researchers have found young barley plants to be one of the richest sources of nutrition on earth.

To learn more about this nutritious green powder, Click Here.