"It's now over six months later and I'm still alive!"

"It became very evident in April that I was physically in trouble. I knew that for some time I was overly tired and would become exhausted when I tried to exercise or even walk very far.

I began experiencing tremendous heat on the left side of my body as if I had a fever that wouldn't go away. So I scheduled to have an exam and was told there was concern of an equivocal finding in the left breast - a possibility of cancer.

Shortly thereafter, I began to have trouble breathing. At an evening church service, my church family began to pray seriously for me and then insisted I go get checked at the hospital. There the doctor told me my left lung was filled with fluid and had completely collapsed. I needed emergency assistance.

I was airlifted by helicopter to Harborview Medical Hospital in Seattle, Washington. That night and for several days afterwards, they drained two liters of fluid from my lung, each time becoming less.

I went through many tests and was told I had Stage IV breast cancer. I needed chemotherapy and radiation, which I refused, still believing that God would provide a better way.

The doctors decided to insert a catheter in my side and sent me home after eight days in the hospital. They told me they were not so concerned with how long I had left here on earth, but rather the quality of my life and would try to help me be more comfortable. There was no hope and they expected me to die. But we kept praying and believing.

I began to listen to my sister's advice about taking BarleyLife, a live plant, whole food supplement. Along with some good counseling from AIM Member Charlotte Thompson, my life began to take a different path.

Other friends using AIM supplements all got on the band wagon. They were all concerned for me and began to share about the wonderful life-giving properties of AIM products. Believe me, I was open to all the help I could get.

When I came home from the hospital, I was so weak that all I could do was sit in my chair, so I would take BarleyLife every two hours. It was like life to me. I had noticed at the end of two hours I would begin to feel weak and tired. Then I would take BarleyLife again.

Three and a half months later, I reported to my doctor. He was so surprised to see how well I was doing. I reported that I was no longer having any drainage from my lung and I requested for the catheter to be taken out.

They normally don't put catheters in with the expectation of removing them. Generally they are intended for a short time - end of life - usually no longer than six months.

It's now over six months later and I'm still alive!

God has done a miracle for me. I no longer have the fever in my left side. I no longer have to drain my lung. When they took the catheter out, they were amazed because there was very little bleeding and it healed nicely with no infection.

I still continue taking BarleyLife Xtra, CellSparc 360, AIMega, Composure, Herbal Fiberblend, Renewed Balance, ProPeas and the Garden Trio every day. I'm able to do my housework, walk, vacuum, do yard work and almost anything I want and I am getting stronger.

Each time I take my barley drink, it's like new energy entering my body. It has become a great source of energy for me. And did I mention I can sing again?" - Phyllisrae Marks, Vader, Washington

What People Are Saying

"I can't live without this! I believe BarleyLife saved my life. I have Crohn's disease and have been off all medications since 1994 because of the anti-inflammatory properties of the barley grass." - Jacquelyn Frimpter, Plant City, Florida

"I know that as soon as I feel as if I am coming down with a "bug" and I take a serving of BarleyLife, I no longer feel sick. BarleyLife is great!" - Shelley Dryden, Washington, D.C.

"BarleyLife makes me feel better. It helps to relieve my arthritis." - Karen Volkmann, Santa Fe, Texas

"I've been driving a school bus for six years. Except for a broken ankle and a surgery, I have taken zero days off. With children sick, coughing, and even throwing up around me, BarleyLife, which was an answer to prayer, has kept me well all these years. Even my students commented that I've never needed a substitute driver." - Ingrid Stoetzel, Richer, Manitoba

"This is a great nutritional whole-food supplement. After only a week, I lost eight pounds of weight. I feel like a new person." - Rosemary Hands, McIntyre, Georgia

"I take BarleyLife and have no acid reflux problems anymore." - Kyera Reams, Osage, Iowa