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Mag-nificence™ Lotion Now Available

The best way to get cellular magnesium into the cells is through your skin. And now it’s available as a lotion from The AIM Companies™.

(Note: Mag-nificence™ also comes as a spray.)

Introducing Mag-nificence™ magnesium lotion. To learn more about this new lotion, Click Here.

P.S. Magnesium is an essential mineral, involved in over three hundred biochemical reactions. Every single cell in your body needs it to function. Magnesium helps to make healthy bones and teeth, balance hormones, produce energy, help you sleep at night, and much more.

A major risk factor for sudden heart attacks is a is magnesium deficiency.

One way to lower your magnesium levels is by drinking regular and diet soft drinks.

The good news? You can make sure you’re getting enough magnesium every day through diet and supplementation.

Click Here to find out more about Mag-nificence™ magnesium lotion.

To read the Mag-nificence™ datasheet, Click Here. (PDF)

Click Here to listen to a Mag-nificence™ audio description. (MP3)