How To Get Rid Of Your Acne

Far too often, people that suffer from acne deal with the symptoms, rather then the root cause. This leads to facial washes, zit creams and pimple prescriptions. Even worse, dermatologists often deny there is any link between diet and acne.

If you have acne or bad skin, your problem may not caused by bacteria or genetics, but other factors such as your diet. In particular, diets high in sugar and refined carbohydrates are the main cause of acne.

If you stop eating wheat, your skin will likely clear up for good. A 2007 study, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, showed men ages fifteen to twenty-five with acne problems, who were placed on diets low in carbohydrates for twelve weeks, had significant improvements with their acne.

In addition, a sugar-free and dairy-free diet have also been known to help with acne issues. Some people are able to consume cheese and not have any acne problems. But if they drink milk, their acne flares up.

So eliminating wheat, sugar and dairy from your diet can significantly improve your acne problems, if not make them go away entirely.

Also, creams, lotions and harsh face washes do more harm than good. The chemicals in these products can cause an outbreak of acne or keep one from healing.

You Can Have Clear and Healthy Skin
Understand your skin is a reflection of your overall health. Consider implementing these acne-busting factors into your daily routine:

  • Grains, Sugar and Dairy - Eliminating these from your diet is probably the most important step you can take to improve your skin health. 
  • Water - Drink plenty of water every day. Hydration will help your skin to grow and regenerate, eliminate waste and improve your skin tone.
  • Exercise - Getting enough exercise on a regular basis helps flush toxins out of your pores.
  • Sleep - Proper sleep can decrease stress and lead to clearer skin 
  • Proper Bacteria Balance - Beneficial bacteria in your gut not only helps you have a strong immune system, it also leads to healthy skin. 
  • Vitamin D - Exposing large areas of your skin to sunshine is the best way to make sure you're getting enough Vitamin D. If you don't have access to regular sunshine exposure, consider taking a Vitamin D supplement. 
  • Nutritional Supplements - Your skin is the largest organ in the body. Consider taking BarleyLife Xtra, AIMega and Herbal Fiberblend to speed up the process of clearing up your skin and to keep it looking healthy. 

By changing your diet and lifestyle, you can significantly improve the appearance of your skin, as well as your overall health. 

Yes, you can get rid of your acne with diet and lifestyle changes. Others have done it. And you can do it too.

P.S. In addition to diet and lifestyle changes, the right kind of nutrition can super charge your efforts to eliminate acne:

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What People Are Saying
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"We decided to try the BarleyLife for three months, what we felt would be a fair trial to determine any benefits from its use. My husband and I already enjoyed good health at the start of the trial, but each of us have already noticed improvements in energy levels, clarity of purpose, skin tone and general well being." - Nadine Bideler, Scott Bar, California

"My skin has completely cleared up to such an extent that I no longer need expensive cosmetics, creams and potions. As a matter of fact, I have gained the confidence to barely wear any make-up." - Denise Cross, Johannesburg, Gauteng

"My son's acne issues not only cleared up, but now he warns us when we are low on jars of the green powder." - Juliet Ger, Covina, California

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