AIM Smoothies Keep the Weight Off

Losing twenty-four pounds within a 3-month period beginning in January 2012, was only the beginning for AIM Executive Assistant and event registrant, Joyce Janzen.

One month after Joyce lost the most weight in an AIM staff weight-loss challenge, she challenged herself again, joining the group for another three-month round of weight loss. 

Once again, the challenge and the AIM products proved beneficial with a ten-pound loss.

At this time, Joyce has lost a total of forty pounds and kept it off, thanks to AIM nutritional supplements and a healthy lifestyle.

The grand total has helped Joyce achieve a satisfying weight and also benefited her health. Her latest blood test results show that her cholesterol has dropped 42 points since the first weight loss challenge and her LDL cholesterol has dropped 60 points.

"Seeing those numbers has encouraged me to keep going," Joyce said. "I found that if I stick with the same program, I can continue to lose weight."

The program Joyce follows includes a collection of healthy AIM whole-food concentrates and nutritional supplements to create daily smoothies. She combines ProPeas, fit ‘n fiber and CoCoa LeafGreens with fruit and low-calorie almond milk. She drinks the smoothie as a meal alternative for breakfast and lunch.

The hearty supply of protein and fiber, plus the essential nutrients from healthy greens, provide vitamins and minerals, plus a feeling of fullness that lasts.

Her dinners feature one serving of protein, vegetables and salad with CoCoa LeafGreens for a sweet reward.

"The diet change was a little hard at first," Joyce said. "But now that I'm into it, I've found it to be a routine. I can snack on healthy things in between meals. It works quite well."

Her healthy diet supplements her healthy lifestyle. Joyce makes a point of walking thirty minutes each day, in addition to drinking lots of water. 

The combination of eating healthy, staying active and keeping accountable with her coworker friends in the weight loss challenge has led to amazing results.

And she's not done yet.

"I'm still going," Joyce said. "I want to get to my healthy weight, and I know natural products from The AIM Companies can help me get there."

Testimonials should not be construed as representing results everybody can achieve. Results may vary per person.