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She Is No Longer Tired All The Time

"I have used BarleyLife since I was forty-two years old. I am now sixty. I really believe it saved my life.

In my forties, I was tired a lot. A doctor thought I may have chronic fatigue, and after one particular doctor's visit, my white blood count was low and my sodium was low. I try to avoid prescription drugs, so I told the doctor that I took vitamins and drank BarleyLife, Just Carrots, and RediBeets.

She told me to do more of what I was doing. So I upped everything I was doing to twice a day. I already did three heaping teaspoons of BarleyLife, two of Just Carrots, and one of RediBeets in the morning.

So I added three more heaping teaspoons of BarleyLife and two of Just Carrots in the afternoon. A month later, the doctor said that my blood levels were back to normal.

I will continue to take BarleyLife. I can feel the difference!" - Wendy Pettus, Williamsburg, Virginia

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