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Simple Diet Tips To Improve The Health Of Your Children

"Dr. Wahls, you saved me with your diet principles and I am keeping my kids as close to the same diet as I can.

In addition to the auto immune disease, I also have candida, so this complicates things a bit for me. At least I try to get my kids to eat greens, colors and sulfur rich foods every day and if they have room left for something sweet I give them dried fruit and nuts. They learned from me and my diet to eat this way.

Unfortunately, once they started kindergarten I am losing this battle a bit, as they get mostly starch to eat there and sweets, almost every day. They still eat the same good diet at home, but this is only one meal a day. I do see huge difference when they are at home, eating the right foods in terms of their behavior and overall health. I even tested and noticed a huge difference between home-made healthier sweets and store bought, which are full of bad stuff.

I hope to see the day when schools and kindergartens will realize their mistake and change the food they give our kids. I can't wait for school, as then I will get the control back over what they eat.

And just to add, a huge thank you for what you are doing and may your voice travel far, far, far away. I am in Bosnia and it reached me, thank God!" - Arijana Mangafic Ex Acimovic, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina