Increase Your Energy and Endurance

"Dietary nitrate, such as that found in the beetroot, is thought to be a source for the biological messenger nitric oxide, which is used by the endothelium to signal smooth muscle, triggering it to relax. This induces vasodilation which increases blood flow and lowers blood pressure."

It takes about ¼ of a large red beet to produce one 4 gram teaspoon of RediBeets. This 4 gram serving of beet juice has the equivalent amount of solids to about 4 ounces of beet juice.

Peak Endurance contains 100 mg of beetroot juice per 8.33 gram serving or about 1/40th the amount of beet juice found in a 4 gram serving of RediBeets.

These two products compliment one another nicely, in that they can both improve circulation, increase the oxygen available to our muscles and increase energy.

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