Cut Heals Faster With BarleyLife

"I was in a hurry this morning on my way to the gym and smashed the car door against my shin! What a gash! And pain!

I won't go into the gory details, but it wasn't pretty. I went back inside the house. My first thought was to clean the gash and put on a barley paste.

When it dried, I did go to the gym. It's now seven hours later and I can feel it healing. The plan is to leave it this way overnight and longer till healed.

Many years ago, I had a biking accident with a similar gash on my shoulder. I looked in my First AIM Kit in the kitchen cupboard and made a barley paste. In a few days, I witnessed just how amazing the barley healed my shoulder from the outside.

As for my shin, I hope to be a good as new in a few days! (And wiser to SLOW down too.)" - Jan Baxter, Waterloo, Ontario

P.S. Here is her BarleyLife paste recipe:

"I put about 1/2 teaspoon of BarleyLife powder in a cup, sprinkled a FEW drops of water, and stirred it with a spoon to make a paste (not runny, if it is runny, add more powder).

Then I filled the gash with this wonderful healing chlorophyll-filled, green powder and let it dry.

It is now Wednesday, (two days later), and since there has been no water on it, it is hard. I feel it tighten every so often, and know that is the HEALING that I feel!

It seems that I feel it is miraculously knitting the cells together. It is AIMazing as to what chlorophyll can give the body to build healthy cells = just what it NEEDS to do the job!"

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