Comparing LeafGreens to BarleyMax and BarleyGreen

The top six nutrients to look for in a quality green product include chlorophyll, vitamin A, iron, vitamin K, chromium and ORAC. 

LeafGreens has twice the chlorophyll, 1.5 times the vitamin A and 30 percent more ORAC than BarleyMax. 

LeafGreens has four times the chlorophyll, three times the vitamin A and thirteen times the ORAC as BarleyGreen. It also has greater than 9.5 times the chromium and thirteen times the iron as both of these competitor products.

Using these quality markers, LeafGreens has five times the average nutrient content of BarleyMax and eight times the nutrient content of BarleyGreen.

LeafGreens also contains a few phytonutrients that are only specifically found in the faba bean leaf, pea leaf, spinach and broccoli sprout. These include quercetin (for allergies), kaempherol (limits LDL cholesterol oxidation), sulforaphane (activates phase II liver enzymes for toxin removal).

If these are specific things you are looking for or if you’re just looking convenience of one serving daily, you may want to consider LeafGreens.

If these are not health concerns of yours and you're doing great on BarleyLife, then I suggest sticking with taking only BarleyLife.

I do not see the need to take both LeafGreens and BarleyLife, unless you've discovered additional benefits by combining the two of them.

Over the years, since the introduction of LeafGreens, it has developed a bit of a niche following. So it looks like it's sticking around for the long haul in The AIM Companies product line.