Severe Poison Ivy Quickly Clears Up

"Our teenage son Joseph developed a severe case of poison oak on the back of his leg. He did not tell us about it until his leg swelled so much that he had difficulty putting on his jeans and sitting at his desk at school. 

The back of his leg looked horrible, especially from his buttocks to his knee, and it was very swollen and inflamed. It was oozing and weeping puss and looked like raw meat. It just made you want to cry to look at it.

We took him to the local clinic and the doctor confirmed it was poison oak. He said it would take at least twelve to fourteen days to get better and recommended using calamine lotion to treat it. 

The doctor also offered a steroid shot that might help the leg heal a few days sooner, but that it would take at least two weeks, maybe more, to heal. We declined the steroid approach.

The doctor's visit happened on a Thursday afternoon. When we got home, my wife broke down and cried. 

Then, after discussing what to do, we sat down and talked to Joseph about health and nutrition. We suggested that he needed to double his internal intake of BarleyLife to two or three times a day. 

He also needed to take Herbal Fiberblend - something he refused to take before - in order to help his body get the poison out of his system. 

He would also need to eat clean and pure. No sugar or soft drinks and increased consumption of vegetables and fruit.

We also said we needed to apply BarleyLife topically. He was in such pain and agony that he readily agreed. 

He lay on his stomach while I took a tablespoon and began sprinkling BarleyLife on the open wounds and sores on the back of his leg. When it was all covered in a fine layer of green barley powder, I took pink calamine lotion and poured it over the green powder. 

Then I took my fingers and lightly mixed it all together. He lay on his stomach for forty to fifty minutes until it somewhat dried. 

We did this two or three times a day.

By Saturday, it was looking a little better as the swelling was down and it was not oozing as much. 

On Sunday, it had just about all dried up. On Monday, it looked like all the poison oak was gone and the skin was fresh and new, though tender." - Gary, Robin and Joseph Blakeney, Clifton, Texas

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