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Are You Smarter Than A Third Grader?

A mother recently wrote to Tom Naughton to tell about her third-grade son, who composed this essay in school:
"Do you think low-fat is healthy? Well we’re going to see. This is my true opinion of health. O.k. you think low-fat is healthy right? Sorry, try again. Fat is actually good for you. Your brain uses it as fuel. Fine, you think I’m goofy and need to see a doctor. I don’t agree! The sad thing is people think wheat, sugar, gluten, grains, starches, and carbohydrates are healthy. They even think red meat is unhealthy! Who came up with that lie and the #1 lying food pyramid? I only have a tiny clue who. A little junk food is o.k. but groups like CSPI have diets that are super bad. Again, that is my opinion. If you want to learn more then log on the computer and type in Fat Head, Mark’s Daily Apple, Dr. Sears, or Wheat Belly. Remember this is truly my opinion, but also remember opinions are different. Do your opinion.” 
The mother also said she supposes the teacher thinks their family is nuts. That’s probably what this educator thinks about other high fat, low-carb eating folks too.

Do you suppose this teacher, the USDA and other government 'experts' are smarter than a third grader?