"This is a new gold standard in supplemental protein."


"Everybody wants the best for their body, and this is it," says Gary Slusher, an AIM Member from East Peoria, Illinois.

Gary could not be happier with ProPeas, the new protein product from The AIM Companies. As a bodybuilder and workout expert, Gary has seen his fair share of supplements come down the line. He knows quality when he sees it and ProPeas is it.

Being familiar with body building techniques and diet, I am so stoked about ProPeas," Gary says. "This is a new gold standard in supplemental protein."

"Adding lean muscle isn't easy. Supplementing with a high quality protein combined with daily activity and exercise is the best and healthiest way to build lean muscle. With ProPeas, you now have a product that can help maintain and build your lean muscle while you do your housework! Adding this one product to your daily activity is going to improve your lean muscle."

Lean muscle is a key component to the weight management nutrition that ProPeas provides. Muscle helps the body burn calories, meaning that keeping a similar amount of food intake could result in weight loss, thanks to the addition of extra lean muscle.

In addition to lean muscle, ProPeas also aids weight management by increasing metabolic rate and satiety.*

The formulation of ProPeas also helps set it apart from run-of-the-mill protein supplements. Most protein products are based on whey or soy, both of which pose several serious health risks. The pea source of ProPeas protein gets rid of those worries and provides even more nutrition than you could otherwise get.

"ProPeas is a vegetable protein, and that translates into more power," Gary says. "The green in BarleyLife and ProPeas oxygenates the blood, allowing your body to execute more taxing movements. Without oxygen, you're dead in the water when it comes to body building. Your body absolutely needs a high quality protein for the building and repair process that goes with strenuous activity.*

"Another thing I like about ProPeas is there isn't the bloat you typically get with whey-based protein products. I recommend staying away from whey protein concentrate, especially if you have problems with lactose intolerance.

"There is nothing like ProPeas on the market that compares. It is far superior to whey and soy at any price, so I'm very excited."

The ProPeas message has spread throughout Gary's family. His father, Curtis Slusher, an AIM Member from East Peoria, Illinois, has already been reaping the lean muscle-building benefits of ProPeas.

"You know that feeling when you flex your bicep?" Curtis asks. "One morning, I did that full body stretch you do soon after you wake up, and it was like everything felt taut and firm like it used to. To me, it's a feeling of strength and vitality. I've been a strong man all my life, and in recent years I've felt my body begin to atrophy. But with ProPeas, it's definitely making a difference."

The Slushers are sold on the new product. They have little trouble sharing their enthusiasm with others. Whether you are looking to add needed muscle to your frame or just searching for a healthy weight management and lean muscle too, ProPeas fits the bill.

"Not all protein is created equal," Gary says. "After taking just one bag of ProPeas, I can see what a phenomenal product this is. ProPeas really puts AIM above everything else on the market."

P.S. ProPeas is a vegetable protein powder made from field peas. 

Pea protein is known to boost energy, increase metabolism and help manage weight. To learn more, Click Here.