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Ophthalmologist Tells Her She No Longer Has Glaucoma

"In the fall of 2003, I was diagnosed with the beginnings of glaucoma, which is pressure in the eye. As the pressure increases, it damages the optic nerve and eventually causes blindness, if left untreated. The treatments also have possible negative side effects. A year later my condition had not worsened, but neither had it improved."

Sheryl then heard a presentation on GinkgoSense™ from The AIM Companies™ and how it helps the eyes.

"Then I started really listening. The nurse who was giving the presentation, when I told her of my condition, recommended taking a combination of AIM products, along with GinkgoSense. I followed her suggestions.

When I went back to the ophthalmologist in April of 2006, he told me I had no glaucoma. I thank God for the AIM products and the individuals who share their knowledge about how the products can help people." - Sheryl Park, Lubbock, Texas

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