Grains, Low-Carb, Sugar, Vegetable Oils, and Weight Loss

Following are a few notes I gathered from some of my reading:

  • Grains are not healthy and are toxic to the body.
  • The low-carb diet is a superior diet for weight loss, lipid control, blood pressure lowering, blood sugar stabilization, GERD ridding and more.
  • Fructose is a harmful sugar with a low glycemic index.
  • Avoiding sugar and other intensely sweet foods lets the receptors become more sensitive, which is why foods not normally thought of as sweet - say, green beans - taste kind of sweet after a period of sugar deprivation.
  • Avoid vegetable oils like you would death.
  • Consume meat, cheese, salad and green vegetables for weight loss
  • I told him I had lost my weight eating a ton of steak and had continued to do so.
  • Train intensely in short intervals.
  • Treat sugars and starches like cigarettes.
  • Low Carb + Metabolic Resistance Training works really fast for weight loss.
  • You mentioned you gave your boys protein shakes and they got all the protein and fat they need, but where did the fat come from? Answer: We made the shakes with coconut milk or added some heavy cream.

What notes do you have from your reading about health?