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10 Diseases Linked To Soft Drinks

People don't drink soft drinks because they're a healthy drink. They consume it because it tastes good, is convenient and the caffeine gives them a lift.

Remember the following the next time you open up a bottle or can of the stuff:
  1. Extra Pounds - a lot of calories in soft drinks
  2. Liver Damage - unnecessary long-term stress on your liver
  3. Tooth Decay - dissolves the tooth enamel
  4. Kidney stones - high phosphoric acid content promotes kidney stone formation
  5. Diabetes - stresses the body's ability to process sugar
  6. Heartburn and Acid Reflux - carbonated beverages are very acidic
  7. Osteoporosis - phosphoric acid causes lower calcium levels in the blood
  8. Hypertension - experts believe overconsumption leads high blood pressure
  9. Heart Disease - increases risk of developing the metabolic syndrome
  10. Impaired digestion - inflammation of stomach and stomach lining erosion
Though it would be hard for many to give up the cola habit once and for all, at least try to place it in the category of things you enjoy on occasion.