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Life With a Two-Year-Old Toddler

This past week, my wife took our two year-old son, Brady, to the Arkansas Children's Hospital for a follow-up appointment. He had surgery on June 29th to remove a small pit on the outer part of his right ear.

Turns out, the appointment was a blessing in disguise.

After checking in and sitting in the waiting room, they were called back. A nurse began looking Brady over, weighing him, measuring his height and so on.

When she looked in his ear, she said, "I see a small bit of ear wax."

Then she asked, "Do you think he'll let me take him into this other room and remove that wax?"

My wife replied, "Oh yeah. He will."

So they proceeded to a different room, one that had a surgery table as well as a powerful microscope and television.

Just as she was about to look into Brady's ear, Dr. Bower came around the corner. He had done the surgery on Brady. So the nurse asked him, "Do you want to do this?"

Dr. Bower replied, "Sure."

He then proceeded to look into Brady's ear, while my wife watched on the monitor.

The next thing she knew, Dr. Bower was getting a pair of tweezers.

"Looks like we got us a seed here."

My wife replied, "A what?"

She got up to get a closer look.

What she saw was a watermelon seed.

She exclaimed, "He doesn't even eat watermelon! I guess he found it on the kitchen floor."

"That's nothing," Dr. Bower replied. "Let me show you what I've got here."

He then pulled out a rather large, glass jar.

Laura looked in amazement. There were buttons, rocks, eraser heads and more.

My wife decided to keep the watermelon seed, as a keepsake for Brady's baby book.

Dr. Bower finished up the appointment. Thankfully, all was well with our little man.

Laura and Brady then left and came home.

Ahh. Life with a two year-old boy.