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Real Food vs. Junk Food

Real Food
  • Is compatible with the body and does not take from it
  • Lends itself to building health and maintaining life
  • Contains nothing that is harmful, toxic, or non-usable
  • Provides only nutrients that the body can recognize and use

Junk Food
  • Is missing some of the ingredients needed for the body to make efficient use of the food
  • Forces the body to supply the missing nutrients from its own reserves and tissues (e.g., a food lacking calcium will take calcium from the bones)
  • Makes the body less efficient
  • Costs the body energy and nutrients to process and eliminate
  • Has toxins which "clog up the works" of the body

What is a toxin? - A toxin is a substance which is foreign to the body. It is a substance which is unusable by the body for life maintaining purposes and is poisonous and detrimental to the body. (Note: Almost all processed foods today contain toxins.)

Are you eating real food?