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10 Foods Dangerous to Your Health

These ten "foods" are dangerous to your health. 

Over the next few weeks, work to eliminate them from your diet.

1. White Sugar - Can damage pancreas, liver, brain and other organs

2. Refined Grains - Are stripped of vitamin E and other essential nutrients

3. Junk Meats - Contain drugs, the majority being hormones

4. Junk Dairy - Have up to 750 million pus cells per every liter of milk

5. White Table Salt - Stimulates appetite, contributes to organ malfunctions

6. Caffeine - Linked to six different cancers, accelerates bone loss of the spine

7. Artificial Sweeteners - Known to have 72 side effects

8. Soft Drinks - Known to cause osteoporosis and obesity

9. Harmful Fats - Hydrogenated fats: just one step away from plastic

10. Recreational and Prescription Drugs - Many harmful side effects

"Are you going to have some real food or just somethin' to eat?" - Dick Gregory