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Sugar and Cancer

There are currently over four million cancer patients in the United States.

Is it gross negligence or worse that doctors are not telling them to avoid sugar?

Sugar is the preferred fuel of cancer cells.

Any time there is excess sugar in the blood, which is what happens when you consume sugar, this feeds cancer cells.

Giving a cancer cell sugar is like throwing gasoline on a fire. Cancer patients must never consume sugar.

It has been known for more than seventy years that cancer cells have a completely different metabolism than healthy cells.

Cancer cells produce energy by fermenting sugar. On the other hand, healthy cells "burn" sugar with oxygen to produce energy.

Fermentation, however, is only about five percent as efficient as oxidation in producing energy. This means twenty times more sugar is needed by a cancer cell to produce the same amount of energy.

This is why controlling sugar levels in the blood is critical to controlling cancer. By starving the cancer cells of fuel, they cannot grow and may even die.

A four-year study in the Netherlands found that cancer patients with higher blood sugar levels had more than double the risk of developing more cancer.

Another study of data from twenty-one countries found that sugar intake is a strong risk factor contributing to breast cancer rates.

All cancer patients must be especially diligent in avoiding sugar, grains, and vegetable oils.

However, in addition to cancer patients, physicians should be advising patients with any disease not to consume sugar.

Sugar causes inflammation. All chronic disease is inflammatory in nature.

Treating a disease while allowing the patient to eat sugar is feeding the flames while trying to put out the fire.