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Sugar and Pancreatic Cancer

Diets high in sugar often cause obesity and obesity increases the risk of pancreatic cancer.

It is not a surprise a study in the International Journal of Cancer has found sugar contributes to pancreatic cancer risk.

It appears people who are overweight and who do not exercise become insulin resistant. 

The lower biological activity of the insulin then requires more insulin be secreted, leading to higher insulin levels in the blood. Higher insulin levels appear to increase cancer risk.

Fortunately, our insulin levels can be controlled by what we choose to eat. 

Sugar is a deadly metabolic poison and is a major contributor to our epidemic of chronic, degenerative disease.

Preventing and treating cancer requires we cut down on sugar, so as to lower our blood insulin levels. 

Lowering insulin levels has many other benefits as well, such as slowing down the aging process and decreasing risk for disease.

What do we need to do to avoid pancreatic cancer, as well as many other health problems? 

Cut back on sugar and the "foods" made with it, and be sure to get plenty of regular exercise.