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Increasing Your Risk of Pancreatic Cancer

Sweetened foods and drinks increase the risk of developing pancreatic cancer, according to a new study. 

Soft drinks and sugar in coffee are among the most common ways the risk is increased.

Some 80,000 men and women had their dietary habits monitored between 1997 and 2005. By the end of the study, 131 had pancreatic cancer.

Most at risk were those who drank soft drinks; those who drank them twice a day or more had a 90 percent higher risk than those who never drank them at all. 

People who added sugar to food or drinks (e.g. coffee) at least five times a day ran a 70 percent greater risk than those who refrained from doing so.

Those who ate creamed fruit at least once a day also ran a 50 percent higher risk than those who never ate the product (creamed fruit is similar to jam, and is a common food in Sweden, where the study was conducted).

Pancreatic cancer may be caused when the pancreas produces increased levels of insulin; high sugar consumption is a well-known way of increasing insulin production.

American Journal of Clinical Nutrition November 2006; 84(5): 1171-1176

November 8, 2006

Senior Journal November 8, 2006