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One Way to Fight Colds and The Flu

Have you ever wondered why colds and the flu always seem to show up during the holiday season?

In the book Proof Positive by Dr. Neil Nedley, M.D., researchers studied how sugar weakens the ability of white blood cells to destroy bacteria.

The studies showed the more sugar you consume, the weaker is your immune system.

If a person consumes no sugar for twelve hours, each white blood cell eliminates an average of fourteen bacteria.

If the same person consumes six teaspoons of sugar (two pieces of candy), each white blood cell could only eliminate ten bacteria. (A decrease of twenty-five percent.)

When twenty-four teaspoons of sugar are consumed (a typical milk shake), the compromised white blood cells could only destroy an average of one bacteria. (A decrease of ninety-two percent.)

The researchers also found the impairing effects of sugar on white blood cells lasted a full five hours.

This means the white blood cells could not perform at their best during that five-hour period. When you consider how often most people consume sugar, especially during the holidays, you can see why there is an increase in colds as well as the flu.

Note: The researchers also found a thirty-six hour fast significantly increased the ability of white blood cells to kill off bacteria.

If you do become sick and are not hungry, try to avoid eating for several days, in order to boost your immune system.

P.S. For every molecule of sugar you consume, it takes fifty-four molecules of magnesium for your body to process it.