About Me

Hi. I'm Paul Eilers and I write PaulEilers.com. I started writing in 2005 to help others who want to take charge of their health, like me.

When I was in college, my grandfather died of cancer. 

A few years later, a friend of mine died of leukemia when he was only thirty-two years old. 

Then my father died of cancer after being on oxygen for eight years. 

I decided I didn't want to end up like that.

I have a friend who is now ninety-seven years old. But when she was seventy-five, Mrs. Gravely's health was so bad her family considered a full-time nurse.

Then one day, a friend educated her about health and nutrition. So she changed her diet and added whole-food nutritional supplements to her daily routine. It took two years, but gradually Mrs. Gravely turned her health around - and never did get that nurse.

These experiences started me on the path of wanting to know more about nutrition and how it affects our health. I read books, listen to audios and read online. Whenever I find something of interest to me, I try to post it on my website.

I've now been married for twenty-two years. My wife and I have a son, Brady, who is now fourteen years old. I want to do all I can to be there as he grows up.

And though I'm not yet a total health nut, eventually I would like to be.

To contact me, please send an email.